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Personal Message from Jason Long and Matt Roughen

Georgia Tech as an institution has a reputation for excellence and achievement, and its impact both locally and globally is astounding. As an example, look at how GT has transformed the neighborhood in which it lives. Think back to the campus footprint and infrastructure when you were in school, and now contrast that with the updated and improved version you see today. This was made more possible by the generosity of the GT family giving to the school we love.

We need to apply that same standard, and the same level of support, to GT Athletics. As a contrast to the gleaming new buildings you see on campus and in Midtown Atlanta, the Edge Building (the hub for all GT Athletics) was built in 1981 and still looks like, well, 1981 (Image above).

We are asking for your help in pushing GT Athletics to the forefront by making a tax-deductible donation to G.T.F.A.M. today. Currently only about 5% of GT alumni give to GT Athletics. We have done our best to make this easy to do, simply by choosing a level you are comfortable with and clicking "Donate" below. You will also have the choice of making this a single donation, or recurring monthly installments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at the phone numbers below. On behalf of GT Athletics, thank you!

Matt Roughen IE '01
(404) 441-4087

Jason Long MGT '01
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In an effort to bring this to reality, and put GT on a level playing field with our peers, we’ve decided to create G.T.F.A.M. – Giving Tech Fifty a Month. G.T.F.A.M. is an opportunity to help GT Athletics create new memories for not only existing students, but also you as an alum, and the next generation of GT supporters. G.T.F.A.M. will directly benefit AD Todd Stansbury’s Athletics Initiative 2020 Fund (For more details, click here), and will be specifically earmarked for the new Edge Building.

Why I Give

As an alumnus of Georgia Tech, I owe a decent amount to the school. I can directly link many of my professional opportunities, personal friends and social networks to Georgia Tech. My 5 years on campus (Easy folks....I co-oped) were some of the best of my life. From the people I met, to the contacts I made, to the sporting events I attended, I had a blast attending GT. People sometimes ask if you had to go back and do it over again, would you do it any differently....my answer is always ‘NO!’. I enjoyed Georgia Tech....and big part of that enjoyment was always the fall quarter/semester and football. For others it was basketball...for some it was spring and baseball. Undoubtedly, for most of us, some type of athletic event holds a special place in our memories of our time at GT.
-Matt Roughen

As a long-time fan of GT, there are special memories that I hold dear. Gary Lee running a kickoff back in the fog to help secure a win against UGA in 1985 sparked my initial love of GT as a 7 year old. The 1990 National Championship in football and the 1990 Final Four appearance in basketball further cemented that love. Beating UGA 3 years in a row (98, 99, and 2000) while I was in school took it to another level. And now, GT Athletics is the main thing that keeps me connected to the school I love. I want to create more of the types of moments and special memories mentioned above, and now that I have a daughter to share those moments with, it makes it even more important and special to me.
-Jason Long

Why are donations necessary?

The Edge Building (some know it as the AA), is the hub for all GT Athletics. Most athletic teams have offices and meeting space in the Edge Building. Academic support, nutrition, and rehab facilities are located there, as well. It is often the first impression that potential student-athletes have of GT (recruiting), and it plays a huge part in the lives of current student-athletes (development and retention). As was noted above, the Edge was built right at 4 decades ago. Over the years, improvements have been made, but it is in dire need of a complete rebuild. In the ever-increasing arms race of college athletics, we are behind the times. As of January 1, 2020, $10 million dollars remain to fully fund this $70 million project. and an anonymous donor has agreed to match all commitments up to that $10 million to motivate all alumni to step up to finish the project.

You can see renderings of the new facility here on this site. The new Edge Building is better designed to make use of the existing footprint (Improving service and access and engaging from street level), has much needed technological improvements (GT is an institute of technology, after all), additional meeting/office space to accommodate more of our programs, and more event space, which will allow all sports to recruit to the best of their ability. For more details, please visit this link:
» New Edge Building Images