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Letterwinners and coaches from all eras of Georgia Tech's history are stepping up to the challenge to deliver on Todd's vision to reshape Georgia Tech Athletics.

Our Athletic Director, Todd Stansbury, is asking each and every one of us to help him return Tech athletics to elite status by supporting Athletics Initiative 2020 and joining the Athletic Director's Team, "Todd's Team."


Those who know him recognize that Todd is totally committed to taking Tech to the highest level of performance and success. As former teammates who care about seeing Tech athletes win on the field and in the classroom, we share this commitment to excellence. Todd is confident that with our help the 2020 Initiative will become a reality.

We ask you today, first and foremost, to learn more about Todd's 2020 Initiative and vision for Tech athletics. You'll see that we are in critical need of upgrading our core athletic facilities and player development infrastructure. This is a key area of focus for the 2020 Initiative and essential to attract and retain the talented student athletes we need to compete at championship levels.

As you recognize this critical need and remember how much better it feels to beat other elite programs, we ask that you take the leadership step. Join Todd's Team and consider a "5-for-5" pledge combining your commitment into a single gift spread over 5 years..

Tax-deductible gifts can be made in any denomination by credit card in one single or recurring monthly installments by clicking the "DONATE" button at the top of this page. Prefer to pledge now and give later? CLICK HERE to make a commitment.

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Join fellow GT athletes and coaches to help make Todd’s vision for Tech Athletics a reality!

Why I Give

The new Edge Center will be an unbelievable asset for Georgia Tech football and Georgia Tech athletics. My priorities for our football program mirror the priorities that Todd Stansbury has set for our entire athletics department – recruiting, building a better student-athlete and winning – and the new Edge Center will be pivotal to helping make those priorities a reality. It will also be a "front porch" that the entire Tech football family can utilize and be proud of.
Coach Geoff Collins (Head Coach, Football)

Georgia Tech is the heartbeat of our city. When I see the city lights, I see Tech’s imprint all over. Our student-athletes deserve a facility that showcases our commitment to excellence in all aspects. We are developing the young people who will change the world, and we must have a facility that can deliver on that promise.
Coach Aileen Morales (Head Coach, Softball)

I’ll always remember when we opened the new Edge center. It was a vision of Coach Homer Rice, and It made a tremendous difference for coaches and student athletes. Todd‘s vision will do the same. I encourage you to do what you can to help Todd reach his goals. Coach Bobby Cremins (Basketball)

I support Todd’s vision and commitment to invest in the facilities and academic resources needed for Tech Student-Athletes to succeed on and off the field. we backed Dr. Homer Rice in a similar situation in 1983, and the effect was stunning. Todd needs our help right now to get the job done and I encourage you to support him however you can.
Coach Bill Curry (Football)

I believe Todd has the vision and the ability to have an even greater impact on GT athletics than Homer Rice had during his tenure. He is dedicated to GT and understands the unique potential of our brand. Todd's commitment to excellence in every area that impacts the student - athlete and his goal of being in the elite of college athletics is a game changer after years of assumed mediocrity. To succeed, he needs elite level support and resources . Frankly, it's now or never. I'm all in.
Vance Bell (Football)

As a former student-athlete, I owe much of my success to GT. Giving to the program, will help ensure our current and future athletes have every opportunity to experience success at the highest levels.
Tony Kepano (Football)

What a great opportunity for a Letterwinner to give back to Tech’s athletic program that provided them with an early boost in their personal and professional development – please consider supporting Todd’s vision and initiatives to do the very same for today’s Student Athletes
Richard L. Bergmark (Swimming & Diving)

Why I Give

As a former student-athlete, I owe much of my success to GT. I support Todd's AI2020 vision for the future of GT. This vision sets a clear direction for a bright future based on a firm investment in the facility and the academic resources required for our future GT student-athletes.
Ronny Cone (Football)

Todd’s stated vision for the GTAA is to “develop the young people who will change the world.” I believe his background as a player, academic advisor and athletic administrator has given him a deep understanding of how athletics can contribute to this. That he has been so significantly influenced by Georgia Tech as an institution, has inspired him to do it completely and correctly. He has convinced me that he can. I and you should support him in doing so. It's a worthy effort.
Matt Rank (Football)

I gave to Todd’s Team because Todd has a great love and enthusiasm for Tech and a vision of where he wants to take the program. Being an ex-teammate might have played into it as well!
Greg Ford (Football)

Todd has brought a new energy and enthusiasm to Georgia Tech athletics. To achieve his vision, for sustainable success, he needs our support. For that reason, I encourage all who can, to give to Todd's team.
Doug Bogue (Football)

Where others have viewed Georgia Tech’s academic excellence as an obstacle or challenge, Todd has embraced it as an asset. This attitude, along with the competence and creativity he has demonstrated since returning to Georgia Tech, can take our athletic programs to the highest levels of performance. The reality is, that to accomplish this he needs our help. That’s why I have signed up to support Todd’s AI2020 initiative, and encourage you to do so as well.
Jim Wilson (Football)

As Todd says, nowhere at Tech should we accept mediocrity. We should expect a top tier athletic program just as we expect top tier academics. These expectations need our financial support. Only a handful of universities reach elite levels of academics and athletics — I want to help our teams make it happen!
Sheldon Fox (Football)

I made a 5-year pledge to help Todd achieve his AI2020 vision to create outstanding athletic programs and facilities with the ultimate goal of winning championships.
Mario de la Guardia (Football)